✿ Happy
Time for the new entry (≧▽≦)ノ
I know It's quite late but,

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I finally have four entries Yeah! ←


✿ What the hell?!
(*-_-)ゞ Why do these sorts of things always happen to me ?
it's my fault but .. (T T)

Calm down.
Calm down.


Hello NEW YEAR 2013!!

It's almost 2 years that I didn't update my LJ.
The reason is my laziness.

Okay, I have 3 entries posted after all. lol

See you next..time (-_-)

✿ Just Smile
--Did I do something wrong? --
Being alone might be better for me.

✿ Times passed by so fast
It has been a while since I had a chance to come in and edit my journal as a empty.
And now, I come again to post the first entry.

How about me?!
・ sleeping at early morning and waking up at  late morning. (sounds weird? XD)
・ studying for the univesity examination.
I wish this period will end soon.

When I feel disappointed I kind of like listening to inspired song.
Today, I would like to suggest this song ⇒
『Don't give up youself!!』 by HAN-KUN

If I have time, I mean if my Japanese skill is better , I will translate this song.

Don't give up on yourself, yeah!


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